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I want to start out by saying my life hasn’t always been a world that consisted of confident workouts and balanced diets. Actually, it was quite the opposite.

Like many woman, I suffered from a life of self inflicted body shaming and low self esteem. The number on the scale was never low enough, the dress size was never small enough and the belly was never flat enough.

My dieting starting in my teens pretty innocently with diet shakes, fat burners and exercise, then evolved into more of an obsession to be skinnier and skinnier. I was constantly worrying if I looked good enough.

The obsession turned into a life of unhealthy diet that consisted of basically starving myself and excessive exercise then to binge eating and back to not eating at all. It was a vicious cycle that was unhealthy not only physically, but mentally too.

Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there

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Freedom-preneur's are :

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  • A Freedom-Preneur OWNS their time
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I invite you to find out how to avoid the most common traps in life that lead to a life of regrets

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"Hi, I am Jaime Fittipaldi, AKA The Warrior Woman and I want you to join me in changing the world.

The odds of our path crossing at this exact moment are a million to one…

... and whether you believe in fate or not, it’s a miracle that every single thing you’ve done in your life has lead to this exact moment."


YOU... changing the way the world thinks we have to make a living

YOU... building a safe, secure foundation for your kids.

YOU... Learning new ways to market yourself, bring your passions to the world and share a message that reaches the world.

We don’t believe anyone should have to slave away working 9-5 in a job they hate to climb a corporate ladder in order to be successful.

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How to Learn

Reset your metabolism by joining me to create a body you love and feel good about with Metabolic Balance based meal plans. Turn your body into a fat burning machine without killing yourself in the gym and still eat the foods you love, The Warrior Woman Way!

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How to Earn

There are multiple Business opportunities to either supplement your income or replace it all together. Earn $50.00 referral fee for every client you refer into the Warrior Woman way kickstarter program. Product distributorships are also available. Contact me directly for more details at this address:


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How to Grow

When following the Warrior Woman Way, you will find so many ways to grow in multiple areas of life. You will grow physically, mentally, spiritually and even financially. My mission is to provide strength and guidance in all of these areas for exponential growth

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