I want to start out by saying my life hasn’t always been a world that consisted of confident workouts and balanced diets. Actually, it was quite the opposite.

Like many woman, I suffered from a life of self inflicted body shaming and low self esteem. The number on the scale was never low enough, the dress size was never small enough and the belly was never flat enough. My dieting starting in my teens pretty innocently with diet shakes, fat burners and exercise, then evolved into more of an obsession to be skinnier and skinnier. I was constantly worrying if I looked good enough.

The obsession turned into a life of unhealthy diet that consisted of basically starving myself and excessive exercise then to binge eating and back to not eating at all. It was a vicious cycle that was unhealthy not only physically, but mentally too.

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After having my two children, I found it harder and harder to keep the shape I desired. I was a busy mom and like all the other moms out there, did not have time to focus on myself. I was beyond frustrated. I just wanted that magic pill like everyone else. I tried those too, guess what they didn’t work either.

On top of all the body image issues, a crashing economy sent me into a financial ruin, bankruptcy, divorce and no where to live. I packed up my car and 2 kids and moved to another state with high hopes to rebuild my life. With the help of family and a friend who offered me a new job in an industry that I knew NOTHING about, I was able to get back on my feet. It was a fight that honestly took longer than I had anticipated. There were many days I wanted to give up but I had 2 kids that needed me to be a warrior! I found a house to rent and purchased all my household furnishings from craigslist, garage sales and would even pick up furniture people put out to the trash. It was a humbling experience but I was determined to do it and not be dependent on anyone

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Jaime Fittipaldi's picture

I would continue to work my tail off cold calling and networking in my sales role at my job to keep the bills paid. I lived pay check to paycheck, like many, but I did it. Along that journey, I kept hearing speakers sending the same message at networking events talk about chasing their dreams and finding your passion to be successful. It brought me to think hard about what my passion really was and I didn't even realize it was really right in front of me the whole time. I had always been dedicated to working out and of course dieting so why not turn my passion into something powerful that can help others. Its like the saying goes,

If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life!

So after a lifetime of research and trying to find a healthy relationship with diet and exercise, I became a certified personal trainer and later obtained a certification in Metabolic Balance meal planning that changed my relationship with food and my weight. I recently discovered how to build that into a program to help others.

So here I am chasing my dreams as a Freedom-Preneur to help women bring out their inner warrior to create a body they love and feel good about. I look forward to meeting your inner warrior and remember today and everyday, BE A WARRIOR

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